Gossiping the Gospel
DATE: The event was held on Saturday 23 February
TIME: 9:15-15:30
VENUE: Carmelite Monastery in Vienna (Silbergasse 35, 1190 Wien)
BROCHURE: Download [pdf, 408kb]

Religious beliefs, alongside sex and politics, are topics best avoided in polite company. They are deeply private, and often divisive. To many of our contemporaries, faith seems outdated or irrelevant, perhaps stupid, or even unhealthy and dangerous. And yet, many Christians would like to share with their friends, colleagues and relatives the immense treasure their faith has become to them. And, for readers of the bible, there also is the fact that Jesus Christ said his disciples would be his witnesses to “the ends of the earth...”

This workshop is designed to help us talk about our faith in ways that are natural, culturally sensitive and intellectually robust. It will be interactive and practical. Together we will discuss questions like:
  • What’s so attractive and compelling about the Christian faith?
  • What are the most promising connection points to faith in our culture and day-to-day lives?
  • What are helpful ways to engage with others on their personal faith journeys?
  • What exactly makes it sometimes hard for us to talk about our faith?
  • What are the biggest obstacles to faith for our contemporaries?
  • What are the hardest questions for us to answer? How might we go about finding and giving good answers?
Christian Hofreiter SPEAKER: The Revd Dr Christian Hofreiter
Christian is a research fellow at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics and, since 2013, the director of the Zacharias Insitut für Wissenschaft, Kultur und Glaube in Vienna. From 2008-2012, Christian served as a chaplain to the graduate student body at Oxford University and at St Aldates church. He studied theology at Oxford University, where his doctoral research focused on the Christian interpretation of “genocide texts” in the Old Testament. Before that, he had worked as a lobbyist in Washington D.C., and as a lecturer in translation at the University of Innsbruck. His research interests include religion and the phenomenon of violence as well as faith and science, topics on which he frequently lectures and engages in public dialogue at universities and in business settings as well as at churches and in seminaries. Christian is married to Helen, who is from England, and they have two small children, Hannah and Samuel. An ordained Anglican, he is licensed to officiate at Christ Church.