Grappling with God
DATE: Saturday, 29 February 2020
TIME: 9.45-15.00
VENUE: English-Speaking United Methodist Church
    Sechshauser Strasse 56, 1150 Wien
COST: €20 (€7 for students)
Buses 12A or 57A (Stiegergasse) or U4/U6 to Längenfeldgasse.
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Celebrating the Indiscriminate Mercy of God

Denis McBride will explore the character of Jonah: a somewhat unlikely hero. The prophet Jonah is a sympathetic partner, albeit a curious one, to help us review our lives. Although a believer in God, Jonah struggles to come to terms with the awful strangeness of God’s choices, particularly God’s mercy. He grapples to find his true self and purpose in life. He tries to flee from the presence of God. He is angry when he finds that God is not angry but all merciful. Jonah is offered to us as an unusual teacher: awkward, fearful, opinionated, reluctant, angry, disobedient, flighty—a prophet who remains stubborn to the end. But his story celebrates the beauty of the indiscriminate mercy of God. It is a message for our time.

Denis McBride SPEAKER: Denis McBride
Denis is a Redemptorist priest from Scotland who is now Director of Redemptorist Publications. In his postgraduate education, he first studied psychology at Fordham University and then the New Testament under the great scripture scholar Raymond Brown at Union Theological Seminary in New York. After winning a scholarship to Harvard University, he returned to England to work at Hawkstone Hall, the international pastoral centre in Shropshire. Since then, his areas of interest and writing have been the human story and the Gospels. His work has always struggled to keep open a conversation between the drama of people’s lives and the four great narratives of Christian beginning. He has lectured in parish halls, colleges and universities to a variety of groups, including bishops’ conferences in North America, Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and throughout Europe. He has written 14 books and produced 56 CDs.