We have resumed worship services in the church building on Sundays at 9am (Book of Common Prayer) and 10:30am (Common Worship). The Six O'Clock service does not meet during July and August. There is also a service on Wednesdays at 9:30am. Seating in the nave is limited to 40 people. Masks are no longer mandatory, but social social-distancing is. If you are sick in any way or in an especially vulnerable category, please attend our Online Services on Sundays at 10:30am. If you have any questions or need more information, please contact the office (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Before you attend a service, please consult our Hygiene Information and Guidance card [pdf, 397kb].

Please visit ChristChurch@Home for resources to help you with our online worship services.

8AM: Holy Communion (BCP)
Celebrated in a more traditional way, and with a contemplative feel, this quiet and reverent Book of Common Prayer service is identical to the way Anglicans have been worshiping since 1662 and before. Lasting a little less than an hour, this service is a wonderful way to begin a Sunday.

*This service, which used to be held at 8am, is currently being held at 9am.
10AM: Sung Eucharist (CW)
Utilizing the Church of England book of Common Worship, this is a full bodied Anglican service intended to showcase the best of Anglican liturgical and musical tradition. Aided by our able choir and world-class organist, each 10am service is truly a celebration! Due to the limited number of seats in Christ Church, we encourage people to come early if they want to get seats, but if you’re late, don’t worry—we’re always happy to make room for one more!

*This service, which used to be held at 10am, is currently being held at 10:30am and is available on live-streaming.
Our most contemporary Sunday service is the Six O'clock Service at 6pm on most Sundays (September to June). This service features a variety of styles, from our jazz ensemble to piano and soloists to more contemplative styles, and attracts those who are more generally interested in fellowship and discipleship, including those who are new to the area or who want to practice speaking English. We also generally enjoy a light meal or refreshments after the service together -- weather and restrictions permitting. Because it is a fellowship-oriented group, you can find information about the Six O'clock Service here.

On the first Sunday of each month (September to June), we hold a service of (Choral) Evensong, the jewel in the crown of the Anglican tradition. A unique blend of prayers from the Book of Common Prayer (1662) combined with best of our Anglican musical tradition makes for a wonderful way to finish the Lord's Day. You can also learn more about the psalms and prayers included in the service here.