Theology on Tap
Theology on Tap is a series of open forum discussions for both believers and those who doubt on topics relevant to the Church and society. Future dates and times are posted on the Church Calendar. If you have any questions, please contact the Church Office.


The Devil. Demons. Evil spirits. Some would suggest that the supernatural and the miraculous in Christianity are simply the fabrications of people who have not yet found scientific explanations. Christianity is merely make believe and superstition.

Is it? Are spirits real? What about the Holy Spirit? In this age of reason and abundant knowledge, should Christians really be expected to believe in the supernatural? Join a few local clergy for an open conversation on whether the supernatural is a fact of a reality... or an act of insanity.

Grab a drink.
Ask your questions.
Watch some clergy sweat.

Wednesday, October 30, 6:30pm
(6:30pm for food and drink, open questions starting at 7pm)
Café Museum | Operngasse 7 | 1010 Wien Karlsplatz (U1/U2/U4)

Publicity Card [pdf, 140kb].